Kristi Tamming, designer

What Sallys are saying

“I started attending Sally Stuudio in the early 90s. Deciding on a hobby school was quite stressful at the time, but pretty comical from today’s perspective – I and a friend of mine couldn’t make up our minds whether to go to a modelling school or an art club. We wanted to attend a hobby school together, but I was more drawn to paintbrushes and charcoal, while she longed for the catwalk. As a favour to my friend, I accompanied her to the entrance test for admission in Sixtina Modelling School, but did my best not to be admitted. Everything went as planned and ultimately things worked out exactly how they were supposed to – my friend became a well-known model, while I attended Sally Stuudio for years and was really happy with my choice.”

Marek Rei, researcher

What Sallys are saying

“Sally Stuudio taught me to explore and inquire and gave me an opportunity for experimentation and self-expression. Currently I’m working as a researcher at a university and all these skills come in handy every single day. Spending a few minutes on creating art for a change is also nice. In addition, I will forever treasure my memories of all the wonderful people I met in Sally Stuudio.”

Liis Viira, composer and musician

What Sallys are saying

“Perhaps the greatest influence on my creative endeavours has come from a saying by Vano: “No artist has ever been judged for audacity; rather, it’s the other way round.” In any case, the studio always made and still makes a deliberate effort to create a friendly atmosphere and value each individual. All in all, it could be said that the way I see and interpret the world is largely due to the influence of Sally Stuudio.”

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Sally Stuudio Art School aims to develop independent, creative and critical thought in students as well as manual and verbal self-expression through different media of contemporary art. We value mental and soulful presence. That is to say, our core values are meaningfulness, creativity and thoughtfulness.